“When small, comes comfort in limits. With gentle exposure, comes growth. And the courage to grow unbound.”

Nicky Spencer

BSc (Hons), DCHyp, PNLP, MBSCH
Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB51 5HJ
phone: 01467 681 695
mobile: 07921 513 955

“At the end of the course, you are amazed that you hadn’t made the connections before and realised the power of relatively simple thoughts. The change in my day to day approach has made such a different to my relationships and the way I deal with my own attitudes. Thanks!”

(K. Black, Principal Consultant)


When was the last time you compared your life as it is, with the way you want it to be?

If you are stressed, stuck in a rut, frustrated with your life or would like to make changes but can’t find the confidence – either at work or in your private life – Sycamore Personal Development Workshops could be just what you need.

Sycamore Workshops presents a suite of personal development courses tailored to the private and corporate markets which are designed to open your eyes to ways you can change your mind, and your life. The courses are continually developed using my understanding of psychological theory combined with the successes I have observed in private practise as a clinical hypnotherapist. Sycamore Workshops are effective because they explore the reasons we don’t achieve the things we want and are followed up to ensure the changes stick. This website provides details on the independent and corporate workshops currently available. Please have a look around and decide for yourself if you or your company will benefit as I believe you will.

Sycamore Workshops are delivered by Nicky Spencer in a simple and down to earth way, they appeal to people from all walks of life and are easy to be a part of. The common ground is the desire to get more out of ourselves and to meet our personal goals.