“...and now I laugh at how the world changed me, I think life chose me, afterall...”

(Dar Williams)

As well as...

Besides delivering my personal and corporate workshops, I also work in private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist and work as a course supervisor and tutor for the LCCH training in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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Nicky Spencer

BSc (Hons), DCHyp, PNLP, MBSCH

After 10 years working in academia and the Aberdeen Oil & Gas industry, I changed direction following my own experience with hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Having spent years of living my life very successfully on the outside, but without any sense of satisfaction, I sought help from others with personal therapy and by attending workshops similar to those which I now deliver. And I started to come to terms with myself and my experiences. Noticing changes in my work, my ambition, my relationships and my truth, I found myself enchanted by the way the unconscious mind works. I became fascinated by the impact that our conditioning, learning and experience can have on the way we live our lives as adults. And I became fascinated by the difference that understanding how we work can make.

I trained in clinical hypnotherapy with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) and the Harvest Clinic of Hypnotherapy in Glasgow and continue my professional and personal development by attending masterclasses in related subjects. I retain membership of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and am willingly bound by their Code of Ethics.