"...If you say you can, or if you say you can't, you'd be right..."

(John Ford)

No worries...

While Sycamore Workshops are inspirational, they are unintrusive and do not involve personal therapy or group therapy.

It is not necessary to divulge personal information to the group if you would prefer not to and everything you learn about yourself during the course can remain private to you.

Personal Development & Motivational Courses

What exactly is ‘personal development and motivation’? We all know that ‘motivation’ means having the ‘get up and go’ to make things happen, but what is personal development and how is it related?

Personal development is about improving your sense of self-awareness and self-worth so that you can begin to know what you want, to care about what you want, and most importantly, to believe in yourself enough to make it happen.

With personal development and motivation together, you can change your life, and Sycamore Workshops are designed to help you do just that. The courses are simple and effective and great fun. They provide an opportunity to get to know yourself again, to learn to trust in yourself and to believe you can make the changes you want!

Branching Out | Inside Out | The Gift of the Present | Weighting Around | HypnoBirthing