Why should I come to this?
What will I get out of it?

This non-residential course is delivered in a down-to-earth way and runs over two days for a maximum of twelve people. Each day runs from 9.30am-5.00pm with tea-breaks and a lunch hour for which I ask you to bring a packed lunch. You will be provided with a course manual and a journal.

The course involves a combination of teaching, exercises and games. Some of the exercises involve writing down your own thoughts, some involve the whole group and for others you will break off into pairs. It is ok to come along on your own though as you will feel comfortable with the others in the room very soon. That bit is my job, and I look forward to accompanying you on your first brave steps, into yourself.

Weighting Around?

Someone once complained that approaches toward dieting, such as diet books, adverts, articles etc. were always geared toward woman and the desire to fit into a bikini with a flat stomach. And they all make promises about how easy this particular method is. The Weighting Around Course is ideal for men and woman, makes no promises, and is not about flat stomachs and bikini’s. It is about recognising the ways that our beliefs and thoughts can get in our way and sabotage our efforts to make changes in our habits.

So many of us have a judge inside who demands that we eat, look, sound and behave a certain way and so many come to therapy to get help to comply with the demands of our judge. We manage for a short time and then with one set-back, it all seems to fall apart. By looking at the importance of how we eat our food, some practical changes that can make a difference and exploring the psychological aspects that can affect our choices, the Weighting Around course explores a more sustainable way to make, and commit, to the changes you want.

For course availability and costs, please see the Dates & Prices page.

Why should I come to this? | What will I get out of it?