Why should I come to this?
What will I get out of it?

“When small, comes comfort in limits. With gentle exposure, comes growth. And the courage to grow unbound”

(N. Spencer)

“I’ve loved it, and laughed more than I have in so long. I got so much out of this”

(J. McRobbie, CLAN Manager)

The Branching Out Workshop

The Branching Out workshop in personal development and motivation is a lovely workshop which is spread over two days (non-residential) and promises to provide you with simple information that can change your life. It addresses the core reasons why we sometimes struggle to make and keep the changes we want.

The course is delivered in a down-to-earth way and is inspiring and enjoyable. If you take on only a third of what you learn, you will notice changes in yourself. If nothing else, it can be great just to realise that others often feel the same way – no matter how confident they may seem in the outside world.

This non-residential course runs over two days for a maximum of twelve people. Each day runs from 9.30am-5.00pm with teabreaks and a lunch hour for which I ask you to bring a packed lunch. You will be provided with a course manual and a journal. The course involves a combination of teaching and exercises. Some of the exercises involve writing down your own thoughts, some involve the whole group and for others you will break off into pairs. It is ok to come along on your own though as you will feel comfortable with the others in the room very soon. That bit is my job, and I look forward to accompanying you on your first brave steps, into yourself.

For course availability and costs, please see the Dates & Prices page.

Why should I come to this? | What will I get out of it?