The Gift of the Present Workshop

The Gift of the Present workshop in Finding Time explores the ways that time seems to escape us. So many people comment about how fast Christmas comes around again and question where the time goes. And it begs the question, where does the time actually go? This workshops looks at the ways we lose time and the ways we can slow things down again so that we can once again notice our moments and our days.

From procrastination to choice, this day may enable you to stop, press pause and decide for yourself how you would like to spend your time.

This one-day non-residential course is delivered in a down-to-earth way to a maximum of twelve people. The day runs from 9.30am-5.00pm with tea-breaks and a lunch hour for which I ask you to bring a packed lunch. You will be provided with a course manual and a journal. The course involves a combination of teaching, exercises and games. Some of the exercises involve writing down your own thoughts, some involve the whole group and for others you will break off into pairs. It is ok to come along on your own though as you will feel comfortable with the others in the room very soon. That bit is my job, and I look forward to accompanying you as you learn how to reclaim your days.

For course availability and costs, please see the Dates & Prices page.

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