“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got...”


"A professional, friendly and soul searching experience. A chance to rediscover some of your old forgotten self."

(K. McKenzie, Environmental Health Technician)

“Wonderful, thought provoking course. Gives you just the lift you need to challenge some of the negative aspects in your life.”

(A.Bishop, Nurse)

"It’s made a difference to my way of thinking about things at home and at work and it was nice to realise that others can feel the same way no matter how confident they seem. I really enjoyed the weekend (especially the drawing bit) and had a good laugh too. Thanks for a great weekend”

(Cara Wicks, Policewoman)

Why should I come to this?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, you might just love the course...
  • Do you ever feel you are not as content as you should be?
  • Have you ever noticed a pattern in your “why can’t I just...”?
  • And do you ever feel that you should have handled things better?
  • Do you sometimes feel stressed by all the “I shoulds” in life?
  • Are there things you would like to do with your life but feel they aren’t quite yours?
  • Have you ever said “no” to something you wanted for fear of being ‘found out’?
  • Have you ever said “Yes” when you didn’t want to?
  • Do you sometimes feel you spend your life trying to please others?
  • Do you sometimes feel held back by the way you believe others see you?
  • Do you ever feel disappointed with your “I’m not the kind of person that....”?
  • Would you like to feel more in control of yourself, your day and your life?
If there was something simple you could do to overcome the little things that hold you back every day...would you do it?

The Branching Out workshop enables you to make the changes you want because it teaches you a little about how your mind works and how you can use it better. With more understanding of yourself and your desires, all areas of your life can be transformed.

Why should I come to this? | What will I get out of it?